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Fire protection - without unnecessary costs

Fire protection of a warehouse with flammable liquids is challenging. DLG chose Fire Eaters Inergen solution, which was the most efficient and economical extinguishing method. At the same time, the solution could help minimize disruptions to operations in case of a fire in the newly built logistics center.

Sprinkler fluid and fly poison are among the flammable liquids that are currently stored at a height of up to eight meters in the 3,600 m3 warehouse at DLG in Taulov. The liquids are disinfectant products used in agriculture for cleaning e.g. stables and milking parlors.

When the logistics center was to be built, it was a requirement on the part of the fire authorities that the liquids should be stored in an enclosed room, which was fireproofed. A possible fire could spread quickly to the 28,000 m2 main warehouse, which stores grain and wood pellets among others.

Efficient and safe firefighting

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The special thing about flammable liquids is that they cannot be extinguished with water. Therefore, alternative solutions had to be worked on. At the same time, it was crucial that a possible fire could be extinguished quickly and safely - and at a reasonable price. That was the reason why the choice fell on the Inergen solution from Fire Eater, which was also approved by the Emergency Management Agency.

“Everyone knows that the most effective way to put out a fire is to remove oxygen. In this case, it is even made so smart that people can still stay in the premises while the system is activated, ”says factory manager, Keld Caspersen.

An Inergen plant works by lowering the oxygen level in the room from the normal 21% to between 12-15%. In this way, the fire is extinguished within just 40 seconds and at the same time prevents re-ignition. The special thing about Inergen is that it contains carbon dioxide. It promotes oxygen uptake in the body,
making it safe to stay in the room.

Extinguish the fire in hidden cavities

The inergen solution uses a so-called 3D extinguishing technique. This means that the gas released under pressure is distributed throughout the room, ie. also under the shelves, behind cupboards, in electrical panels and in rubbish bins. This makes the extinguishing method extremely efficient and suitable for the warehouse.

It is the 20 nozzles located in the ceiling that ensure that the Inergen is evenly distributed throughout the room. The location in the ceiling also means that you can utilize the space on the shelves 100%.

 No need for unnecessary costs


One of DLG’s goals with the new logistics center is to be able to offer a better service to customers by e.g. to reduce delivery time. Therefore, it is absolutely central to be able to maintain a stable operation.

"It would be catastrophic for the business if the warehouse was out of operation for a shorter or longer period of time," explains Keld Caspersen.

As Inergen consists of 100% natural gases, it leaves no consequential damage to equipment and requires no purification unlike traditional water-based solutions and foams. That was one of the clear benefits DLG saw in Fire Eater's solution. Should a system be triggered - either as a result of a false alarm or in case of a fire, the consequences and costs will be limited.

“Inergen is an easy extinguishing method in relation to water or foam. It will be very costly to clean up after, for example, foam extinguishing and presumably a large part of the products will have to be discarded afterwards.

With Inergen we just have to vent and then we can continue the operation already after approx. 15 minutes. 
There is no reason to have unnecessary costs ", says Keld Caspersen.

For the same reason, DLG was very enthusiastic about the plant's very limited maintenance costs.


“Once you have installed the system, it takes 10 years before the bottles have to be pressure tested and reinstalled. It is very important that there are low costs associated with operating it. ”, Concludes Keld Caspersen.  

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