(6).pngPhoto: Lumi data center in Kaajani, Finland

Efficient and sustainable fire protection of green supercomputer
Protecting one of the world’s most powerful computers against fire sets certain requirements. Choosing an Inergen®️ system as fire protection made the CSC management sleep safe at night. Also it provided them with a future proof solution for the data center and the environment.

Recently CSC data center in Kajaani (Finland) became home to one of the world's fastest and most powerful computers within the field of artificial intelligence and research, the LUMI Supercomputer. This was the reason for the company to look for a solution for fire extinguishing with one main criteria: Reducing the risk of fire to a minimum - and avoiding any consequential damage in case of a system release.

The Finnish company AGIS Fire & Security Oy was selected as a total contractor meeting all the requirements for the project: Price, a system based on inert gases and component approvals being the most important ones.

Since 1993 AGIS Fire & Security Oy has been providing fire protection to the Finnish market based on the Inergen®️ (inert gases) - a product developed by the Danish company Fire Eater.

A flexible system was required
The LUMI Supercomputer is protected by 153 cylinders of Inergen covering an area of approxemately 5.700 m3 in the CSC data center. One important criteria for the provider was that the system could be designed according to the architecture of the data center. The cylinder bank is hidden in a separate room installed with approximately 800 meters of pipes.

The option of long distance piping is one of many advantages of using inert gases and one of the CSC requirements.

Reduces risk of fire to a minimum

The investment of the LUMI Supercomputer makes CSC’s data center one of the world’s largest players in the fieldof high-performance computing and plays an important role withinthe field of science. 

“A potential breakdown would impact researchers using LUMI all over Europe, Jukka-Pekka Partanen, Director of Data Center Ecosystem in CSC says. It was crucial for us to install a fire protection system, which reduces the risk of fire and damage to the computer to an absolute minimum, Jukka-Pekka Partanen explains”.

Inergen extinguishes fire quickly and safely and leaves no consequential damage to the computer. Furthermore, cleaning is avoided in case of a system release

A green choice of fire protection                                          

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CSC is the proud host of the LUMI Supercomputer - for many reasons. One of them being that it aligns the Digital and Green Deal policies of the European Commission, using 100% renewable carbon neutral energy. Moreover, the heat generated will provide 20% of the district heat of the area.

“Choosing Inergen is an efficient solution, it is also known to be safe for the environment, which adds to our green agenda”, Jukka-Pekka Partanen tells.

Inergen consists of 100% natural gases, which makes it safe for people, material and the environment.

A future-proof system
CSC plans on expanding fire protection with Inergen to other areas of the data center in the future. To meet this requirement, AGIS Fire & Security built the system based on the selection valve technology.

“The selector valves make it easy to extend the solution for new areas in the same  building, Kimmo Karila , Managing Director, owner AGIS Fire & Security Oy, explains.
The fact that we can use the existing cylinder bank as well as pipes makes it easy
and cost effective to make an extension”, Kimmo Karila tells.


FACTS: CSC data center and LUMI

 CSC's data center in Kajaani is located in Renforsin Ranta business park. CSC Kajaani data center is home to Finland's national data computing and data management environment and LUMI, one of the EuroHPC world-class supercomputers. 

LUMI takes over 150m2 of space, which is about the size of a tennis court.
The computing power is equivalent to 1,5 million modern laptops.

FACTS: AGIS Fire & Security

AGIS Fire & Security (Finland) is specialized in fire protection of data centers and critical areas. The company has been providing fire protection based on the Inergen (inert gases) since 1993 developed by the Danish company Fire Eater.

FACTS: How Inergen works

The Inergen system is developed to detect fire at an early stage, to extinguish the fire efficiently and to prevent re-ignition. In just 30-40 seconds a fire will be extinguished. 

Upon activation of the system the oxygen level in the room is lowered from the normal 20,9% to 12-15%. Resulting in the fire being extinguished very quickly.

Inergen is a combination of gas consisting of 50% Nitrogen, 42% Argon and 8% Carbon dioxide.