How does INERGEN® work?

How does INERGEN® work

INERGEN® works on a principal called oxygen displacement.

Oxygen displacement works by reducing the oxygen level in a room, so a fire cannot "breathe". The level at which a fire can no longer exist varies and very much depends upon what is burning.  The process however can briefly be described as follows:

  • The natural atmosphere contains approx. 20.9% oxygen.

  • The oxygen displacement principle lowers oxygen levels to below 15%. With less than 15% oxygen, the most common fire cannot exist and therefore results in extinction (within 30-45 seconds).

  • The unique quality of INERGEN® is that it contains 8% CO2. CO2 has a physiological effect that stimulates breathing, thus allowing the body to carry more oxygen resulting in the body maintaining the same levels of oxygen as if in the normal atmosphere.