INERGEN® quality

Inergen® quality

The technical term for INERGEN® is IG-541 and is distributed around the world. Fire Eater A/S and the American company Ansul, are the original inventors of INERGEN® (IG-541) and jointly own the copyright mark INERGEN®.

Fire Eater A/S have over 35 years of experience in manufacturing, supplying and installing INERGEN® systems.  As a duty of care to customers, Fire Eater insist all who distribute or install a Fire Eater System must be fully trained in doing so, prior to installation.

Our many years of experience working with INERGEN® allows us to advise our clients on the most effective solution. By being involved in the early stages of the process, we can often save our customers money by offering value engineering through creative and innovative solutions.

Not only is the brand INERGEN® synonymous with quality but marry it to Fire Eater A/S and the benefits are experience, value, innovation and quality engineering.