INERGEN® and extinguishing education

All educational courses conducted through Fire Eater College combine theory and "hands-on" learning.
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Seminar Name
INERGEN® and flame extinguisher training ( edu id: 190001 )

Target Audience
Sales and marketing staff, sales managers, project staff and product managers.

3 to 4 hours

To ensure that all participants leave the session with:
    - a general knowledge of common extinguishing agents
    - an understanding of the differences between varying extinguishing agents
    - an understanding of the operational area of a system
    - a basic understanding of INERGEN®

The program assumes that the participant:
    - has a basic knowledge of the most common extinguishing agents
    - can understand English or Danish, spoken and written

Material Supplied
The participants will receive:
    - training materials in paper and electronic format
    - an official competence certificate*

* The certificate will only be awarded upon successful completion of a written test.
  The certificate is valid for 3 years from the issue date and is kept on file
  in the Fire Eater QAQC system.

Optional Module
    - Planning Training
    - Installation Training
    - Service Training

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