ISO 9001:2015

ISO9001: 2015 quality certification, like all Fire Eater certifications, a natural part of business goals.

Quality certification is implemented in Fire Eater electronic quality management system.

Fire Eater electronic quality management system used in daily to collect useful information about the company's production process. The purpose of the system is that customers, employees and other stakeholders have evidence that we are living up to the goals set.

In addition to the general requirements imposed by our stakeholders, the information is also used to optimize communication and work practices in the company. Another important part of the system is that the information used in the development of new products.

Improvement, development and retention of past experience is a crucial aspect of the dialogue that takes place on a daily basis between Fire Eater and our customers. Thus ensuring its quality assurance that annually conducted customer surveys, so that the Fire Eaters products and customer expectations as far as possible consistent.

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